What we do

Predicting for profits.

We build Machine Learning-based predictive models with incredible accuracy and speed.

Any financial services companies – from insurers to banks, credit card companies, and loan companies –
need predictive modelling for underwriting, pricing, credit scoring, customer retention and product offering.
Despite the enormous amount of data that every company has been accumulating in recent years,
the best-fitting analytical model that can extract real values from big data is often missing.
Many of companies carry out complex analyses based on human assumptions and bias,
which require years of guesswork – using costly resources.

This is why Solidware exists.

With Solidware, you have the opportunity to change the way you use the vast amount of data fundamentally.
Our machine learning based solution provides new approaches to analyze and find insights
within large sets of multi-variate data, even without groups of data scientists to write queries or algorithms.

Our machine learning specialists will examine your data, help you define what values to extract,
and find the best combination of different machine learning algorithms
including Deep Learning, RT, SVM, Boosting, Clustering and many others
to achieve the most accurate prediction for your business.

It is accurate, incredibly fast, and highly adaptable to the exponential growth of data volume and
complexity – which can never be achieved through human-driven, assumption-based analysis.

Data In

Input clients’ big data

Extract Insights

Find unseen patterns in the data through Machine Learning algorithms to build predictive models

Data Out

Estimate unknown information critical to the business


Optimize system and business strategy based on predicted values

Value Creation

Create value by
increasing sales
and decreasing loss